January 4, 2016

Telegram to a Friend in the Stars

A year and a half ago I lost a dear friend. We had a unique relationship. We worked together in the desolate plains of Montana and North Dakota—in the baron, frigid, dry, cold winter months. We commuted to sites each day together, sometimes 70 miles each way. Our relationship had some ups and some downs—he drove me crazy for part of our relationship, but in the end we came through it all. It’s one of those relationships in stories—where it is somewhat comically maddening and challenging, but options for escape were so few. It really was a modern deserted island scenario. Finally I decided to take a different approach and personally work on the things that drove me crazy about him. Miraculously, it worked—the dynamic shifted and an amazing friendship transpired. My last few weeks of work with him were a blast—we went on adventures that are forever etched in my mind and my heart. A year and a half ago I discovered through FaceBook that he had passed away. It was such a blow. We had one or two mutual acquaintances, but they were not super close. It was interesting processing the death of a friend that no other friends knew, especially one with such unique depth. The relationship to me taught me the potency of compassion, acceptance, and love beyond tolerance; it taught me to be empowered and to be the change myself; it taught me to believe in love. Today I found a message on Spotify from him sent 4 years ago that I don’t think I ever saw. It was quintessentially and sweetly his voice, conveying friendship, comedy, and inside jokes. I wish him well in his place in the stars; that he is happy and at peace. I will forever cherish and love you my dear, funny, bright, amazing friend!

Photo Credit: Dave Morrow  www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com   

Photo Credit: Dave Morrow www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com 

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